De Blancc


De Blancc, the story

De Blancc is a high end brand based in Sweden that creates beautiful pieces and everyday accessories with a touch of the little extra. We create timeless, elegant products for everyday living that are made to last.

Inspired by Scandinavian design, the products are minimalistic, functional, and classical to suit every occasion.

Designed by Natalija Gajic, hand made in Sweden as well as Spain with vegetable tanned leather, the products are created to accompany you for many years to come.

The design aims to create functional aesthetic patterns that enrich people's lives over time. The natural materials used from skin and wood are becoming more beautiful with age and today's marks and stains become part of history

The products will be made in small editions to prevent over stock and over production. As a result, all our products can be seen as Limited Editions. We will gradually add new products to our ongoing collection.

Materials & Care

De Blancc products are made from high quality natural materials sourced from the best suppliers in Sweden and Spain.


Our products are made from vegetable tanned leather. This material gives our products an organic quality and ages beautifully. Differences in tone and possible marks on the material are to be regarded as a sign of quality..


The surface will change over time. Stains, scratches, and patina belong to the normal ageing process of your item.  When treated well your leather products should last a lifetime.

Cleaning & conditioning

 If your product gets dirty you can mostly clean it by wiping it with a soft, damp cloth. You can apply a leather protector to clean and prevent stains that will also keep your product from drying out and cracking the leather.


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